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2024 Design Context

Each year TASH-Colorado host a TASH design context to represent TASH and sale in our shop. The contest is open to all individuals with a disability (no age restrictions). The winner of the context will receive a cash reward, have their image printed on items sold in our store, and be represented at the TASH national conference.

Group Hug

Build our Membership

Our goal is spread the word that TASH-Colorado is up and running. We are striving to increase membership by 50 members by the end of 2024.​


Networking with Organizations

TASH-Colorado will be working to connect with other organizations across the state of Colorado to create opportunities in creating successful social and informational events. Together we are stronger!

Lecture Presentation

Represent TASH-Colorado at the TASH national conference

This year the TASH national conference will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana December 5-7, 2024. We will represent the state of Colorado for the first time!


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