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TASH-Colorado Represents the State of Colorado


TASH-Colorado was is a chapter representing the national organization TASH. TASH-Colorado is expanding on the TASH mission across the state of Colorado. TASH advances equity, opportunity and inclusion for people with disabilities, with a focus on those with the most significant support needs, in the areas of education, employment and community living through advocacy, research and practice.

Check out the national organizations website by clicking the link below:


TASH-Colorado was established April 2024, however, the national organization itself was founded in 1975.

TASH is governed by a board of directors and is supported by a network of members, volunteers, committees and chapter organizations. The TASH membership includes a diverse array of individuals and perspectives, including researchers, professionals, direct service workers, family members and people with disabilities. Together, we share a commitment to quality lives for the people for whom we advocate.

TASH national organization logo
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